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 General Memberships Are Absolutely FREE!

DCS Members are individuals who want to save money by purchasing products and services from businesses who have accounts with DCS and who offer significant discounts to DCS Members.

Here are some of the membership benefits that new DCS Members can expect.:

  • A quick and easy access Pricing Guide, which helps our members make better purchasing decisions when looking for new or used cars, replacement equipment, honest repair facilities, etc,

  • The opportunity to save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on discounted purchases.

  • The ability to help your friends and family save precious dollars by emailing them with great discounted offers,

  • The piece of mind to know that you have the ability to document  your approval or disapproval of a business's performance using our "Write A Review" option, which is available under each posted Ad.

Sign up below and get immediate access to your DCS discounts.


You Must Register To Get Your 10% - 25% Discounts ! !

 Sign up as a DCS Member Here.

Note: You will be asked to complete a DCS Membership Form (don't forget to have your Vehicle License numbers available for completion of the form). Your vehicle license number is used by the companies offering discounts to verify your membership status.

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